Company Profile

Our History

Henan Xinge Motorcycle Co.,Ltd founded in 1987, Henan Xinge Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales, service and import and export of new energy vehicles, three-wheeled motorcycles, three-wheeled electric vehicles and special vehicles.

Our Factory

Henan Xinge Motorcycle Co.,Ltd. covers an area of 130,000sqm, among which 40, 000sqm are office building and standard factory buildings. There are over 1500 employees, including more than 400 professional managers and technicians. With an annual capacity of 100,000 new energy vehicle. The production capacity of 600,000 three-wheeled motorcycles and three-wheeled electric vehicles.XINGE has been far ahead in China for 34 consecutive years in output and sales volume since 1987 and whose products have been exported to over 40 countries and regions.

Xinge has set up a complete parts-collaboration network and owns a large number of excellent parts/components suppliers. We have built up a team of well-educated and professional motorcycle technicians.

Henan Xinge Motorcycle Co.,Ltd.

Our Product

Engine Cargo Tricycle

Engine Passenger Tricycle

Electric Cargo Tricycle

Electric Passenger Tricycle

Product Application

Xinge vehicles sell well not only in the domestic markets, but also around the world, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, West Africa,,Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, Tanzania, Mexico and so on. Products cover new energy vehicles, three-wheeled motorcycles and three-wheeled electric vehicles.

Our Certificate

Xinge has got the approvals of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001.All the products have got the certificates of CCC. In 2005, Xinge was qualified to produce tricycles by China Government. And now all workshops have been equipped with auto-mobile production engineering, in order to keep each tricycle in good performance.

Henan Xinge Motorcycle Co.,Ltd.

Production Equipment

Xinge, with the science and technology to promote the quality, in order to develop effectively, Dedicated to building automation and intelligent model factory in the industry. The company imported automatic CNC stamping assembly line, 3D laser cutting machine, automatic plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, Robot …….. servo bending machine and other stamping equipment, The welding workshop introduces automobile welding wire and robot welding equipment, Realize intelligent and environmental welding;

The coating workshop has the automobile grade cathodic electrophoresis coating process production line ,A spray painting line with low temperature paint, high temperature paint and spray power, Clean and high temperature paint production line;

The general assembly workshop is the only one in the domestic industry to use stereoscopic transport,Flexible ring line,And can assemble new energy four wheel, closed tricycle, And motor, electric tricycle general assembly workshop, The import of intelligent production equipment and vehicle performance test line, Raise the manufacturing standards of tricycles and new energy vehicle to new heights in the industry.

Inspection:Under the advanced equipment, every tricycle will be checked, tested and inspected in keeping ensure zero defect.

Production Market

XINGE pursue a global procurement policy and have established strategic partnerships with world’s leading suppliers. By ensuring the quality of raw materials and component parts, we promise that every product presented to our customers meets the international standards.

We have implemented a stringent online testing system to ensure that every product off the production line is “zero-defect”.

XINGE also focuses on training a professional and dedicated workforce to support its quality management. Every employee is expected to pursue perfection in all parts and every process, which guarantee all the XINGE products to meet world-class standards.

Our Service

Henan Xinge Motorcycle Co.,Ltd. has the complete user guarantee measures and professional business team, such as pre-sales to check customers’ requirements, the target markets, guide customers to choose the most suitable products for their own needs master their use and maintenance methods.

After customers place orders, we provide real-time production information, track the production progress of goods, provide product technical consultation, confirm user requirements, and provide the complete solutions.

Our company provides a full range of technical service system, provide 24 hours of service, at any time to give users guidance; And timely understand the user experience, according to the market feedback information, update the product, to provide customers with better experience.

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