Can three wheeled electric vehicles be licensed? What are the procedures for licensing?

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With the continuous development of the times, more and more people choose the three wheel electric vehicles with large passenger capacity, convenient travel, economic and environmental protection as their daily travel tools. After the country implemented the policy of listing electric vehicles, many friends who want to buy three wheel electric vehicles hesitated. Then, can three wheel electric vehicles be licensed? What are the procedures for licensing?

The electric tricycle can be licensed. However, we need to pay attention to what kind of electric vehicles can be successfully licensed.

1. The electric tricycle that conforms to the local licensing directory cannot be licensed if it is not within the local licensing directory;

2. It has the formal 3C certification, which is the certification of the quality of electric tricycles and is used to prove that electric tricycles have complete qualifications.

3. Having a certificate of conformity, regular electric tricycles will have their own certificate of conformity when they are sold out of the market, and electric tricycles without a certificate of conformity cannot be listed;

4. If necessary, a driver's license is required. In many regions, it is strictly stipulated that driving an electric tricycle requires a driver's license. This is also the responsibility for people's daily travel safety at the popularization stage of electric tricycles.

The original and copy of the owner's ID card are required for the registration of the tricycle; The certificate, purchase invoice and sales warranty registration form of the three wheel electric vehicle. Owners who are not registered with registered residence in this city shall carry the original and copy of valid residence card, and the power of attorney entrusted by others and the original and copy of the agent's ID card.



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