Type and usage of electric tricycle

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All electric tricycles are open type. The electric tricycle is convenient, simple to operate, stable, versatile and cheap. When the storm comes, it completely limits the use of electric tricycles. It is inevitable that 2-3 months of the year are rainy seasons, and the cold wind in winter is at least 3 or 2 months. In some areas, electric tricycle sheds have been installed on electric tricycles to prevent cold wind and rain. Electric tricycles have a wide range of applications, including electric tricycles for the elderly, freight, passenger, children, and even self use trucks.

At present, the electric tricycle shed is divided into three types: the simple support is supported on the electric tricycle, and the support is covered with abandoned advertising cloth. Although it can resist a little cold wind, the rough appearance seriously affects the image of the city. When it rains, it basically has to be put away at home, which is of low practical value. The electric tricycle shed is made of stainless steel and endurance plate. Obviously, the door cannot be installed, which means that the practical value is not high. The transparency of the endurance board is quite low, and it can't be used at all in rain or at night, which also severely limits the use of electric tricycles. Some opportunistic manufacturers use scrap iron to simply weld on the electric tricycle frame, which is not only very expensive, but also has a life span of only one year. The iron sheet electric tricycle shed increases the dead weight of the electric tricycle itself, and also affects the driving range of the electric tricycle.

The front glass of the fully enclosed electric tricycle is made of laminated glass, which is characterized by excellent anti invasion capability. The middle film can resist the continuous attack of hammer, firewood cleaver and other lethal weapons, and can also withstand bullet penetration for a long time. Its security degree is extremely high. The fully enclosed electric tricycle is made of high-tech composite materials. It has the advantages of anti-corrosion, impact resistance, light weight, long service life, etc. 360 ° electric wiper is equipped on the glass to ensure safe riding in rainy and snowy weather. The interior of the fully enclosed electric tricycle is no better than that of some opportunistic manufacturers, who perfunctorily deal with customers. It is made of double-sided light, without seams, and the aesthetic degree is greatly improved. It is widely used in aviation industry, shipping industry and environmental protection industry. The frame of the fully enclosed electric tricycle is connected with thickened steel, and the super strong steel plate is used for shock absorption. It is perfectly welded.



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