Electric three wheel passenger car body is made of high-tech composite materials

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The electric three wheel passenger car body is made of high-tech composite materials, which has the advantages of anti-corrosion, impact resistance, light weight, long service life, etc. It is widely used in aviation industry, shipping industry and environmental protection industry. Thickened steel for frame connection of electric three wheel passenger transport vehicle, combined with super strong steel plate for shock absorption, is perfectly welded. The front glass of the electric tricycle passenger vehicle is made of laminated glass, which is characterized by excellent anti-seismic intrusion capability and extremely high degree of security. 360 ° electric wiper is equipped on the glass to ensure safe riding in rainy and snowy weather. The electric passenger car is made of double-sided light without seams, and the aesthetic degree is greatly improved.

At present, there are mainly three kinds of electric passenger car motors used: brush speed regulating electric car motor, brushless low-speed electric car motor and brush low-speed electric self motor. The overload operation will shorten the service life of any kind of motor.

Brushed high-speed electric vehicle motor works under high current, and the brush and reduction gear wear is accelerated. Brushed low-speed electric vehicle motor has high iron loss under high current, and DC power consumption becomes larger. Long time riding will cause motor heating, demagnetize the magnetic steel, reduce efficiency and shorten service life. Therefore, the maintenance of the brush motor should focus on the brush.

Although brushless low-speed electric vehicle motor has no brush, it needs Hall reversing device. In the overload state, it is easy to have a bad commutation, forming a magnetic short circuit, which will burn out the controller and Hall components. Therefore, overload has a great impact on the brushless motor.

The motor is the power mechanism of the electric vehicle. Whether its performance is good or not has a direct impact on the vehicle performance of the electric vehicle. Must be maintained.

Check the wear of electric bicycle brush and commutator. Generally, the brush shall be replaced when it is worn 4~5mm away from the lead, and the commutator shall be replaced when the surface depth is greater than 0.5mm. For the motor in normal use, the brush and commutator should be replaced regularly (generally two years) regardless of the wear degree.

Whether it is a brush electric vehicle motor or a brushless electric vehicle motor, its input current will mostly affect the performance. The voltage of the motor is supplied through the controller. The aging of electronic components in the controller will cause the current of the input motor to increase. Therefore, the controller must be checked and replaced if necessary.

Regularly lubricate the gears, bearings and reduction parts of the electric vehicle motor. If the inner and outer sleeves of the gears and bearings are excessively worn, the vibration damper is deformed, and the spring performance is degraded or broken, the controller should be replaced.

Pay attention to charging the electric vehicle battery regularly to keep the battery at a sufficient voltage to prevent the motor from heating due to insufficient voltage and accelerate the aging of the electric vehicle motor.



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