In October, the opening ceremony of the new factory with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan has an annual production capacity of 100,000 new energy four-wheelers, 300,000 motorcycles and electric vehicles. New Pigeon has grown into the most powerful vehicle manufacturing enterprises.

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In October, the company acquired 600 mu of land in Xinxiang Chemical and physical Power Industrial Park, and laid the foundation for the construction of the new factory.


The new pigeon electric vehicle was the first in the industry to pass the national production access assessment and obtain the production qualification of a first-class announcement enterprise.


The company invested 100 million yuan to build a new project with an annual output of 100,000 motorcycles and electric vehicles.


New pigeon motorcycle won the national sales champion, passed the national production access assessment, and obtained the production qualification of first-class announcement enterprises.


Company sales first in the country, products in short supply.


The company continues to advance by leaps and bounds, so far Henan new pigeon Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was formally established. That year, the number of automated production lines was also increased to two, with an annual output of 60,000 vehicles.


Winning the honor of "National high-tech Enterprise" not only shows the innovative strength of the new pigeon vehicle, but also a milestone in the progress of the level of scientific and technological achievements of the new pigeon and the technical content of the product.


Brilliant 35 annual sales to a new level.


New pigeons grew by 198% year-on-year, ranking first in the industry sales growth rate.


Won the "five star brand" and "five star service" certification, brand quality has been recognized by the state, product popularity at home and abroad.


The company introduced a first-class marketing team, the recovery set sail, and established the brand positioning of "the new leader of the tricycle industry".


The company took the lead in mass production of motor tricycles, and the annual output reached 30,000 in the year of production, even though the product was in short supply.

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