Hot July, burst forward!

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July is the harvest season. Every seed planted in the first half of the year will be fruitful this month.
July is the season of blessings. July 1, 1997 was the date of Hong Kong's official return to China. Family reunion, the meaning of July for every Chinese is a touching convergence.
July is the hot season. The sun is gorgeous, the passion is surging, the new pigeon vehicle monthly staff will come as scheduled, we meet the arrival of July with a new mood and full state.

01 Open with passion


Under the auspices of Mr. Yang Hua, deputy general manager of the new Pigeon Vehicle and director of the Comprehensive Management Center, all the new pigeon staff were full of passion, standing up to salute, and the impassioned national anthem sounded in the report hall, which officially began this morning.


Mr. Yang Hua, Deputy General Manager of New Pigeon Vehicle and Director of Integrated Management Center

Group vice president and general manager of new pigeon vehicle Mr. Tao Yifan pointed out in his opening speech that innovation is the source of long-term development of an enterprise, in the context of the global national industry-wide economic downturn, we must innovate and breakthrough to promote development, every step of enterprise development is inseparable from the efforts of employees, we are an important creator of the enterprise, Everyone should continue to try and challenge themselves with the mentality of ownership of the enterprise, and offer suggestions around cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Only with the courage to innovate and make breakthroughs can we develop steadily and move forward passionately.

Group Vice President and General manager of New Pigeon vehicles Mr. Tao Yifan


02 Outstanding employee commendation


In this month's lean improvement proposal award selection, they stand out, whether in the team or personal work, lean improvement concept has been deep in their hearts, they will use practical action to improve the work to do fine, they are the technical research center - Lu Liu Sheng, procurement center - Shen Lin.

Wang Rongqian, executive deputy general manager and director of Technical Research Center, and Zhang Shaohai, deputy general manager and director of Manufacturing Center, presented awards and took photos for the award-winning employees.

Lean improvement, as a vane for the display and development of new pigeon cost reduction and efficiency improvement results, has been promoting the sustainable development of new pigeon vehicles and providing a steady stream of power for the healthy development of new pigeons.


03 The meeting was successfully concluded


Looking back on the past, we are full of pride; Looking ahead, we have a heavy responsibility. The second half of 2023 has officially started, according to the general manager Tao's instructions, each department should control the target, re-focus on the implementation, the implementation of the project efficiently landed, I hope that everyone continue to work hard, innovation, keep pace with The Times, with a new attitude, new pace to write a new chapter.

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